Seussical Musical

Thank you to everyone who came out to the DDHS musical this past weekend, it was a remarkable show. Congrats to Mr. Drefs, cast, crew and staff members, you rocked it! Seussical is a musical about thinking outside the box, having fun, and staying true to doing what's right. This year saw trials in lots of sickness in the cast and crew, snow and ice days cancelling practices, and the show requiring so much attention to detail. From the costumes to lights to music to microphones, the production was a lot of work! Yet, despite it all, we were able to present an amazing production and tell the story of Horton the Elephant protecting the Whos and the egg, the boy, JoJo, using his imagination to save his world, and the Cat in the Hat helping it all come to life and having fun all along the way. #CometNation