Joann Maya

Meet Ms. Maya, new Dual Language 3rd grade teacher at Darien Elementary School. She has been in education for 16 years with a variety of experience teaching High/ Middle Spanish, 4K-12 ELL and more recently 3rd Grade in Spanish.

Angelil Soto Mendoza

Meet Ms. Soto Mendoza, new Dual Language 3rd grade Math teacher at Darien Elementary School.

Rachel Nordentoft

Meet Ms. Nordentoft, she is the new Occupational Therapy Assistant for the Delavan-Darien School District.


Meet Ms. Vania De Almeida, she is the new Community Outreach Coordinator for the District. She is from Brazil, speaks Portuguese and is fluent in Spanish too. Vania has worked in the education field for over 22 years. She believes family involvement is the #1 factor in helping students succeed.

Elizabeth Mundy

Meet Ms. Mundy-Hemmerich, new Social Worker at Darien Elementary School.