December PBIS Award Winners

Turtle Creeks PBIS award winners for the month of December were announced during the assembly on Friday, Dec. 16. These students were chosen by their teachers for doing an exceptional job on the comet code for the month, which was Be Responsible! Students won a neon t-shirt that says "I'm a Comet, I'm Safe, Responsible, Respectful." The winners of the shirt got to represent their class in a small game at the assembly. 💙💛

ğŸŽ‰ Congratulations to these students Caroline Hill, Kai'la Johnson, Luna Bullock, Gabriela Vazquez, Amelia Gonzales, Yair Perez Lazaro, Kenzie Thomazin, Alexis Casillas, George Dunn, Connor Manry, Abigail Flores Arellano, Leonel Garcia, Scarlett Alonzo, Paige Steilkie, Saroy Grant, Chloe Meyer, Leo Vieyra, Alexa Hernandez, Isaiah Hernandez, Yaricel Martinez, Selah Fleck, Samuel Avila, Emma Schutt, Allison Carino, Victor Soto and Nathan Garcia Ramirez.