4k math 2021

Students in four year old Kindergarten are learning about math in many different ways. Students get to show their learning through multiple methods such as using math shapes, blocks, cards, and more. Students are learning by writing, moving objects, and using their touch screen Chromebook to access math lessons on Seesaw. Both the English Only and Spanish/English Dual Language programs at Turtle Creek Elementary use the 4K Math Expressions Curriculum. "Math Expressions provides the students the opportunity to practice skills with manipulative materials and hands-on activities. The cycling of the curriculum allows the teacher to scaffold and reinforce the acquired knowledge while the students are learning new skills,” says 4K teacher Ruth Molina. Enrollment for the 2021-22 4K program is open now and Turtle Creek Elementary is offering guided tours of both English-Only and Spanish/English dual language programs for prospective families on the fourth Thursday and Friday of each month.