Students Show Off Their Book Character Election Posters

Students at Turtle Creek just went through their own election cycle; a vote to find the top book character. Library aide, Pam Polster, and Technology aide, Mae Mohr, worked together to create an election process that would not only promote books and reading, but would give students a better understanding of voting and technology. It started with mini lessons during library time about popular and favorite characters. Then there was a “primary”, where any student could vote for any character. From that primary, two candidates were at the top: Pete the Cat and No David. Once the candidates were found, Mrs. Polster had students making “election posters” to put on their lockers and Mrs. Mohr had some of the older students create videos about their favorite characters. To continue the excitement and conversation, there was dress up as your favorite character day. Finally, it was election day and students wore red, white, and blue. All students from 4K to second grade used their Chromebook to vote and the students picked Pete the Cat as the winner of the election.