DDHS Automotive Program Offers Students Real-World, Hands-On Opportunities

The DDHS Automotive program prepares students for the next level! Students enrolled in the Auto Service Fundamentals course engage in hands-on activities while using industry standard methods and equipment. Within this course students are introduced to the importance of safety procedures when performing maintenance and repair tasks. Students are involved in activities that lead to the development of teamwork and problem solving skills. Upon completion of the course, students recognize and have appreciation for the many career paths available in the automotive industry.

Left Picture: Rylee Crull and Hannah Borzynski are tightening the oil filter as they complete an oil change lab activity.

Right Picture: Parker Krablean and Andreas Gonzales are draining the oil on a 2005 Trailblazer for an oil change lab activity. 

Thank you Mr. Bell for providing real world opportunities to our students!

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