Math Department 2021

The Delavan-Darien High School Mathematics Department has been offering free after school math support and ACT review sessions for the upcoming ACT examination.  The first review day had a great turnout, with 11 students staying after school.  Students played a Jeopardy style game using ACT questions while staff were encouraging collaboration as the students solved the problems.  Students were engaged the entire time, and the energy level was through the roof!

Concurrently, the math teachers had peer tutors working with those who needed some assistance from their daily classes.  Additionally, DDHS math teacher Steve Cervantes is providing an incredible opportunity for one of our students, after school hours, by  who will walk away with his Snap-On Precision Measurement Instruments (PMI) certification, along with the memory of a great experience!

Clearly the remarkable mathematics department at DDHS has once again gone above and beyond the communities expectations in supporting our students and collaborating with one another!