Course: PE620 Body Sculpting

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Health and Physical Education

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

The Body Sculpting class is designed to shape and tone the body without increasing muscular size or bulk. Students will engage in activities that will combine cardiovascular, flexibility, and muscle toning workouts. Intended outcomes for this class include maintenance of a healthy body, changes in body composition, weight reduction in the midsection, tightening of skin, and sculpting of arms and shoulders. The students will develop goals and a workout routine designed to improve personal fitness scores. Activities will include strength straining, Pilates, yoga (toning), resistance training and dance activities.


  • Exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity

  • Achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness

  • Value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction

  • Understand that leading an active lifestyle will help improve longevity and overall mental, social and physical well-being

  • Implement a strength program to help tone muscle and improve muscular strength and endurance

  • Demonstrate safe behaviors and techniques when lifting weights

  • Understand how a personal fitness plan will affect the: benefits of exercise, muscle building process, weight loss/gain process, long term and short term effects of fitness training, increasing cardiovascular fitness, effect of fitness training on the body both physically and mentally

  • Understand that a strength program is in integral part of a physical fitness plan


PE500 – Physical Education 9