Course: LA220 Honors Eng 10

Grade: 10

Subject Area: English

Type: Standard, Honors

Credits: 1

Course Information:

This is a year long course that requires selection of both semesters: S1 and S2. English 10 Honors is a year long course that will focus on advanced literary development. Units of study will include an analysis of media, short stories, plays, poems, and novels in an effort to focus on an essential, guiding topic.


  • Cite and use textual information to support ideas in both fiction and non-fiction formats in order to draw larger inferences

  • Demonstrate understanding and use of figurative language/literary terms

  • Recognize and determine meaning for literary allusions in fiction and non-fiction

  • Produce clear and coherent writing appropriate to the grade level and purpose

  • Analyze literature”” fiction and non-fiction”” to determine central theme with consideration for historical context

  • Analyze their own writing and the writing of others in order to produce writing free of sentence structure, punctuation, style, and spelling errors


English 9 or English 9 Honors


If you take this course, you must also take LA220-S2 – Honors English 10 S2