Course: BE609 Web Page Design

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Business

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

This course is designed for students to continue with the concepts of web page development. Students will be able to design, produce and post visually appealing web pages that are appropriate and useful; apply appropriate layout and web design techniques to various projects; design and produce effective web pages for individuals, classrooms, schools, and the community; and understand and demonstrate ethics when using the internet. Students will increase their knowledge of Dreamweaver. Students will learn how to edit their images using Fireworks.


  • Create an advanced web site, using Web site design software and/or web programming language

  • Explain or demonstrate publishing, updating, and maintaining a web site

  • Critique a web site according to accepted web site design principles

  • Examine new and emerging trends in web site design

  • Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a web site

  • Identify the basic components of an e-commerce web site