Course: AR362 Photo Studio

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Art

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

This course builds on skills learned in Basic Photography. This course will allow students to make connections with photography-related careers and to produce quality images that communicate the photographer’s ideas. In addition to expanding knowledge in new photography and lighting techniques, students will explore the historical and contemporary components of photography through the study of individual photographers along with photography movements, techniques and genres. Students will continue to work on computers using Photoshop to manipulate their images and produce quality digital prints. Additionally, Students will work in the dark room utilizing chemical processing techniques.


  • Understand advanced compositional concepts in design 

  • Understand different genres and careers in photography.

  • Understand how to see and control light and light direction in both studio and environmental settings, including flash photography.

  • Apply knowledge of camera settings in complex light situations and achieve more creative results

  • Understand more advanced editing and PhotoShop techniques and apply that knowledge in new and more complex ways

  • Understand how darkroom equipment works. Apply that knowledge to create analog artwork in the darkroom.


  • Demonstrate ability to see and control lighting and how it impacts the aesthetic of a photograph.

  • Demonstrate the ability to combine multiple images together in a PhotoShop composite to create a piece of digital art.

  • Construct quality photographs that utilize more advanced composition techniques and concepts and apply those techniques and different scenarios.

  • Demonstrate the ability to photograph a variety of subject matter while considering unique and creative perspectives.


  • Students are able to analyze and critique their own work in written form as well as work done by other artists


AR110 – Basic Photo

Notes: Students will need an SDHC memory card for this course.