Course: AR344 Ceramics Studio

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Art

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

This course will build on students prior experience working with clay, focusing on both hand built and wheel-thrown techniques. In this class, students will learn several different techniques including: hand sculpting, hard and soft slab construction, wheel throwing, decorative ceramic techniques, and assisting in firing a kiln. Students will be able to promote and share their ideas through class discussion and group critiques.



  • Understand and utilize the different definitions, supplies, rules, and techniques relating to clay bodies, building techniques, tools stains and glazes

  • Understand and identify the difference between functional and nonfunctional sculpture


  • Understand and demonstrate soft slab and hard slab construction

  • Understand and demonstrate the use of hump mods, slump molds and newspaper armatures

  • Successfully demonstrate a variety of surface decorating techniques including low relief, mashima, sgraffito, staining, painting and glazing ceramic pieces

  • Create both functional and nonfunctional ceramic sculpture

  • Understand the concept of visual communication and begin to develop a personal voice in their own work


  • Critically analyze and evaluate and compare personal work with the work of other in a written format as well as becoming familiar with participating in group critiques


AR120 – Art Foundations


Students will need a sketchbook. Seniors may be exempt from prerequisite with instructor approval