Course Information: AG651 Environmental Science

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Agri-Science

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

Students will learn the science behind one of the fastest growing career areas in the world. The history of pollution will be studied as well as pollution of the atmosphere, the water, and solid wastes. Students will study the impact of pollutants. This class can by applied as a 1/2 credit Physical Science equivalency in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.


  • Describe the composition of the atmosphere

  • Explain sources and effects of acid rain

  • Describe the effects of air pollutants on the environment

  • Identify sources of air pollution in the community

  • Describe current air-quality tests

  • Explain the effects of greenhouse gases

  • Identify characteristics of ozone layer depletion, including causes and effects, and steps to retard the process

  • Explore the possible effects of global warming and ozone depletion on agriculture

  • Explain the various methods of water treatment

  • Explain the global impact of energy utilization or depletion

Notes: This course can fulfill either the CTE requirement or the Physical Science Credit.