5K-2 Science Classes

In science classes across Turtle Creek, students have been thinking and working like engineers. They’ve been given a task or a problem and then they’ve had to figure out how to solve them. In 5K, students started learning about pushes and pulls. That led to discoveries by making dominos or marble tracks. In first grade, students have been busy designing and building important structures. The design process was very important as they built bridges that could hold all three billy goats gruff or a house that could withstand high winds without damage. In second grade, students had to create freestanding towers out of different "building" materials such as paper, tape, marshmallows, toothpicks, and more. These projects led to students to use their imaginations, practice working with others, and problem solve all while learning about science! It's also neat that the science curriculum is available in Spanish for our dual language students in 5K and 1st grade.