Masks, Backpacks, Food, and more have been donated to Turtle Creek students thanks to amazing contributions from community members and organizations

The kindness and generosity in our community continues to shine through at Turtle Creek! Community members and organizations have donated a lot of time, money, and supplies to the students at Turtle Creek. 

Walworth in Action, a local community organization, kicked off the year giving out over 500 backpacks across the district. They also worked with Salon 11, The Hair Company, Lily Mae Salon, and Carmen Unisex to give over 100 students a free haircut. Walworth in Action also worked with local restaurants to fundraise and offer some free meals. Walworth in Action also donated over 100 packs of crayons, boxes of K95 masks, and other supplies to Turtle Creek Elementary.  

The Food in a Backpack program continues in 2020-21 thanks to the generosity of the United Church of Christ, Sugar Creek Lutheran, First Baptist, and Luther Memorial. This year, these churches have been able to prep the food at their own site to comply with COVID regulations and now provide food to Darien students who qualify as well.

Turtle Creek has received donations of masks for students, which has helped our little students and their families. Ms. Joan Hay, Mrs. Gabi Santizo, and Ms. Diane Feeney have all donated masks. Ms. Feeney donated enough masks, which she made herself, for every student and staff member to have one.

Everyone at Turtle Creek Elementary appreciates the amazing showing of compassion and community, especially during this unprecedented time.