We're thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our middle school scholars in the Academic Bowl competition which took place on March 8 at Phoenix Middle School! We've witnessed remarkable displays of knowledge, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Without further ado, let's celebrate the achievements of our bright young minds:

💙 First Place

  • Alyvia Bussian - 6th grade, English Language Arts.

❤️ Second Place

  • Caleb Alter - 6th grade, Social Studies.

  • Isaac Wells - 6th grade, Science.

  • Charlotte Malloy - 7th grade, English Language Arts

  • Lee Cook - 7th grade, Social Studies

  • Jeremy Yurkiewicz - 7th grade, Science

  • Emma Meinen - 8th grade, English Language Arts

  • Owen Alter - 8th grade, Social Studies

  • Kaylee Norwood - 8th grade, Science

💛 Third Place

  • Grace Johnson - 6th grade, Math

  • Colton Baumeister - 7th grade, Math

📣 Honorable Mentions: We also extend our heartfelt congratulations to all Phoenix students who were broken down into three teams to compete in the Current Events team competition. Their knowledge and teamwork throughout the competition was impressive. Your enthusiasm for learning and intellectual curiosity are truly inspiring.

  • Team 1 (Alyvia Bussian, Colton Baumeister, Owen Alter, Grace Johnson, Lee Cook) and Team 3 (Isaac Wells, Jeremy Johnson, Ximena Rodriguez Ornelas, Celeste Nieto Lora, Autumn Gorecki) received first place ribbons.

  • Team 2 (Kaylee Norwood, Caleb Alter, Jeremy Yurkiewics, Emma Meinen, Charlotte Malloy) received second place ribbons. There were 12 teams all together.

Thank you to all the students, coaches, parents, and supporters who contributed to the success of this year's Middle School Academic Bowl. Your dedication to academic excellence and intellectual pursuit is truly commendable. Let's continue to foster a culture of learning and growth in our community. Congratulations once again to all participants!