Southern Lakes Anthology Winners

Students from Phoenix Middle School participated in the Southern Lakes Anthology contest. The Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network provides this opportunity for students to submit original pieces for possible inclusion in a regional anthology of original student work.

During the months of October through December the students worked on their pieces with teachers. Submissions needed to communicate a message based on this year’s theme What If. The students could select from six different genres: art, prose, poetry, cartoon, expository writing or illustrated. Prose pieces and poetry were evaluated on clarity of ideas, organization, sentence fluency, word choice, and voice. Art, illustrations, and cartoons were evaluated on neatness, composition, and space. The students’ entries were then judged by dedicated volunteers and the school district winners were selected. The top 24 pieces advanced to the regional level. 💙 

Congratulations to these artists and writers. Well done! 
Top: Mrs. Ertl, Bella Dunlap, Giselle Reyes, Waylon Burdick, Faith Iverson, Cadence Steilke, Jazmin Ruiz, Alisson Sussek, Natalie Turner,  Eli Gilson. 
Bottom: Hazel Schoofs Weisensel, Oakley Hilgerson, Lacey Roherty, Charlotte Nestle, James Halvorson.