2024 Math Meet Regional Competition

On January 8th, Southern Lakes Advanced Learner's Network held its 2024 Math Meet Regional competition for sixteen Extra Large and Large School Districts on the UW-Whitewater campus. 

Math Meet is a math competition consisting of problems from a variety of topics, including general problem solving, geometry, consumer math, mental math, and algebra.  Students competed individually and as a team throughout the event.  Students were selected by administering the Math Meet Screeners in combination with taking the standardized test scores as well as teacher recommendations.

Math Meet Program Goals are:  

  1. to stimulate interest in mathematics; 
  2. to recognize exceptional mathematical talent; 
  3. to provide a healthy academic environment.

Congratulations to these students who got to be a part of this incredible experience: 

  • 5th grade: Lacey Roherty, Lane Whalen, Kinsleigh Hooverson, Hazel Schoofs Weisensel
  • 6th grade: Grace Johnson, Vivian Smith, Celeste Nieto Lora, Alize Dominguez Carrillo
  • 7th grade: Charlotte Malloy, Celeste Esquivel, Alexis Lee, Peter Anderson
  • 8th grade: Jeremy Johnson, Laci Barrera, Emma Meinen, Weston Brotz