Students in Mrs. Alonzo's, Mr. DeNoyer's, and Mrs. Waychoff's mathematics classrooms had the opportunity for a local field trip to either Aldi's or Piggly Wiggly in Delavan to connect numeracy with purchasing a Thanksgiving feast for 12.  Students had to plan a meal and calculate costs for the meal, on a budget of $150.  Many students were shocked at how quickly the money went, with several students sharing that this was only for one meal.

Thank you to our business partners, Piggly Wiggly and Aldi's, for allowing us access to better educate the students in our community.  Additionally, thank you to our teachers for providing these hands-on learning opportunities!  Finally, additional staff supported our learners and we'd like to thank them as well, including Mrs. Alter, Mrs. Daubner, Mr. Gali, Ms. Huerta, Mr. Medrano, Ms. Monroe, and Ms. Rockwell.