📣 DDHS students in sociology talked about bringing the concept of verstehen from Unit 1 into the new unit as they try to understand some traditions and aspects of culture that might be different from what we are used to. Students started out by trying to understand what might be going on with a carp swimming around in a bathtub which led us to a discussion about the Slovak tradition of eating carp for Christmas dinner. Students then generated ideas about what is included in the idea of culture. 💙 We were fortunate to have a DDHS graduate adding his personal experiences to our unit of study. 💛 Zach Weerts is teaching for the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa. Sociology students created and sent Zach a list of questions they felt would help them learn about the culture in Togo. Zach sent us documents to help us understand the ethnic makeup and religions of the country. Zach addressed each of the student questions in a video he sent to us. This allowed Zach to teach us about what he is learning about the culture of Togo during his stay. Students wrote thank you notes which we are putting with a few Comet items to send over to Zach. It was quite amazing that Zach took his time to help our sociology class gain a very real understanding of Togo.