Delta Dental Cool  Water Grant Winner

Darien Elementary School was awarded a Cool Water Program grant and received a new water bottle filling station from Delta Dental of Wisconsin Foundation (DDWIF). What does this mean for your child? They not only will they have access to cold, filtered water throughout the school day, but will also receive a toothbrush and reusable water bottle to help keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Why is it important for your child to drink water?

  • Water washes away harmful bacteria that can cause painful cavities
  • Water is an excellent alternative to sugary beverages like juice and soda
  • Drinking water combats obesity and increases energy
  • Drinking water prevents headaches and stomachaches commonly caused by dehydration
  • The earlier drinking water becomes a habit, the sooner your child will be on the road to lifelong health

Darien Elementary School was selected because they recognize the importance of drinking water and are committed to making water an important part of your child’s school day. Lessons supporting the importance of water will be integrated into each classroom through the school year.

DDWIF believes this touchless water bottle filling station is vital in the efforts to keep your child safe by limiting the spread of germs from traditional water fountains. Please join your child in drinking more water at home and celebrating access to clean, cold water while they are at school!