Holiday Concert Details

Reminder...Tuesday, December 17th is Darien's Winter Sing/Honor Choir/Orchestra Concert at Phoenix Middle School. Everyone is working hard and we are all excited to share with our amazing efforts!  All students will be performing the "Nutcracker Suite" Mini-Musical for our Winter Sing.  Details of when to arrive and what to wear are below.

Here is the schedule for the evening all at Phoenix Middle School:

  • 5:00pm 3rd grade/Bridge families drop off in Cafeteria,  5:30pm 3rd grade/Bridge students perform in Phoenix Middle School (PXMS) Auditorium

  • 5:45pm 4th grade Honor Choir families drop off in Cafeteria, 6:15pm Honor Choir in PXMS Auditorium

  • 6:15pm 4th grade families drop off in Cafeteria, 6:45pm  4th grade in PXMS Auditorium

  • Orchestra students: drop off their instruments in cases with music and place them on the chair/by the chair where you see your name in the Gymnasium before your Honor Choir/Winter Sing performances,        7:30pm 4th grade Orchestra in PXMS Gymnasium

What to wear? Please wear dress clothes: for example, girls a holiday dress or nice pants and sweater, nice dress shoes.  Boys: slacks with button down shirt & tie or sweater, nice dress shoes.

Any further questions, direct them to Mrs. Heidi Anderson,  We will see you all there!!