Natalia Jesberger

In an outstanding display of academic excellence and cultural enthusiasm, Natalia Jesberger has been honored with the highly coveted AILI National Scholarship. She is one of two winners, nationwide. The scholarship paves the way for an all-expenses-paid cultural expedition to the heart of Spain, where she will be hosted from June 29 to July 20, 2024 at the Real Colegio Alfonso XII, located in the tranquil enclave of Padres Agustinos.

This exceptional opportunity not only covers her stay but also promises an enriching experience where Natalia will be living alongside the royal family, absorbing the essence of Spanish heritage and customs. The Real Colegio Alfonso XII is a beacon of learning and tradition, offering Natalia an unparalleled chance to delve into the educational and cultural dimensions of Spanish society.

As the scholarship recipient, Natalia will engage in an array of educational activities aimed at enriching her understanding of Spain's diverse cultural landscape. Her journey will be punctuated with historical excursions, language immersion classes, and interactive sessions with some of the leading minds in the cultural and educational sectors of Spain.

About Natalia Jesberger: Natalia participates in basketball, track and field, and volleyball. She is also a member of the Delavan-Darien High School Hope Squad and Student Council.

About the AILI National Scholarship:
AILI is the 501©3 non-profit affiliate of Compass USA. AILI cooperates with like-minded homestay providers to give scholarships to deserving teens to benefit from homestay experiences in other countries. AILI mission is to improve global community relationships and intercultural understanding by providing educational language and travel opportunities for deserving students in high school.