DDHS German/American Student Exchange Program

Delavan-Darien High School is excited to offer our 2nd DDHS German/American Student Exchange Program for DDHS students. DDHS is once again partnering with Wilhelm-Gymnasium School (WGS) in Stuttgart, Germany, to provide a unique opportunity for our students. In the fall of 2023, students from DDHS will host students from WGS for approximately two weeks. In the spring of 2024, DDHS will then travel to Germany for approximately two weeks. 

In the fall, our DDHS participants will each be asked to host a German student for their time in the United States. The students are typically freshmen or sophomores, 14-16 years old. It is a pretty simple system in which we welcome the German students into your home, and each family becomes accountable for their exchange student. The estimated cost of hosting a German student varies depending on the experiences each family elects to offer their exchange student.  It is expected that they become part of your family, therefore things like going out to eat  and possible travel would be covered by the host family. Students who participate in the German Exchange are expected to attend each preparation meeting prior to traveling and hosting (about one meeting per month).  DDHS students will need to complete a short document about themselves to share with the German students. The WGS and DDHS faculty will match DDHS students with the German host families by the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year so that communication can begin prior to the German students arriving in Delavan.  

Conversely, since this is an exchange program, we will be attending WGS when our DDHS students travel to Germany.  At that time, our students will “shadow” the students that they are staying with in Germany and will follow their typical school day.  Activities will include a “crash course” in German that will be taught by the English outreach teacher, conversing with German students about the similarities/differences between German and American cultures, as well as several excursions throughout the two weeks all while experiencing life in a typical German family.  At night, students will be staying with their host families. There will be no shortage of things to do, however, the main purpose of this program is to truly experience the culture of Germany.  The true cost for each DDHS student is the cost of the group flight (we will travel together as one unit), plus any spending money the student wishes to have approx. $1,500 ($1,000 for flight + $500 for spending money).

We encourage 9th, 10th, & 11th grade students to participate in the DDHS German/American Exchange Program. However, because this is only the 2nd year of our exchange, seniors will be eligible to participate. DDHS students who want to be a part of the DDHS German/American Exchange Program will need to go through the application process. The Exchange Program has a maximum capacity of 18 students. 

All applicants will be screened based upon the following objective criteria:

  • academic success (high school transcript and current grades)

  • academic behavior (office discipline referrals will count against a students ability to attend)

  • academic attendance (truancy & tardy will count against a students ability to attend)

  • no school fees or fines can be owed upon application, or travel.

  • student must commit to all exchange program meetings & timelines

If we have more than 18 applicants, we will regret to inform some students that they will not be able to participate based upon the aforementioned criteria as it applies to each individual applicant.

Families interested in participating can gain more information at the Comet Family Night on Wednesday, April 12 (5-8 PM). 

Furthermore, families seeking to participate in this opportunity must attend one of the two informational meetings on either Tuesday, April 18, or Wednesday, April 19, each at 5 PM, in the front commons at DDHS.  If you have any questions, please call or email Mr. Alter at the contacts listed below.  DDHS is looking forward to the 2nd DDHS German/American Student Exchange Program!

Click here to view a flyer.

Adam Alter
International Club Adviser