Phoenix Academic Bowl

On March 3, Phoenix Middle School hosted an Academic Bowl competition for students in grades 6-8. Five of the Phoenix 15 member-team received ribbons for their achievements.

Congratulations to Dylan Perry who placed 3rd  in the subject of English Language Arts (ELA), 6th grade; Emma Meinen placed 3rd in ELA, 7th grade; Owen Lovely placed 3rd in Social Studies, 7th grade; Brian Schackett placed 1st in Social Studies, 8th grade and Dominick Agredano placed 3rd in Science, 8th grade.

An academic bowl is an academic competition for individual students in the areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies (5 students per grade level for a team of 15 students per school). Each school also forms teams to test students' knowledge of current events. Additionally, there is a hands-on competition (for fun) to allow students to interact and work together with students from other schools.

The following schools were a part of the Academic Bowl: Clinton Community, Delavan- Darien, Fontana, Randall Consolidated, Union Grove, Wheatland Jt 1 and Williams Bay.

Help us congratulate all these students for their bravery to participate in a highly rigorous and competitive environment of the Academic Bowl 2023:

6th grade: Celeste Esquivel, Dylan Perry, Peter Anderson, Nadia Maya, Charlotte Malloy and Alexis Lee (alternate).

7th grade: Lilibeth Gomez, Emma Meinen, Owen Lovely, Tyler Meinen, Jeremy Johnson, Gavino (alternate) and Tristan Square (alternate).

8th grade: Andres Hernandez Escobar, Vincent Hillson, Brian Schackett, Dominick Agredano, Katelyn Stearns and Quintin Arizola (alternate).