Dual Language Program Overview

What is Dual Language Immersion?
Two-Way Dual Language (DL) classes are ideally made up of half English speakers and half Spanish speakers. Beginning in 4K, ninety percent of the classroom instruction is in Spanish. The percentage of English instruction increases each year until third grade where half of the day is in English and half of the day in Spanish. A Two-Way Dual Language program provides our English speaking children the opportunity to learn a second language, through academic content, alongside native Spanish speaking peers. Spanish speaking children have the opportunity to be instructed with English speaking student models, while developing their language skills through academic content. The optimal window of learning a second language is during a child's primary years. Both groups will benefit from the multicultural/multilingual aspect of the program.

Why choose Dual Language Immersion for your child?

  • Your family values bilingualism and cultural diversity

  • It’s easy to learn a 2nd language at a young age

  • 65% of people in the world are bilingual or multilingual

  • Increases brain power

  • Improves college prospects

  • Opens doors to great careers

  • Enriches their lives

  • Students can earn the Seal of Biliteracy, which gives students a competitive advantage in the workplace & college

Steps to get started in the Dual Language Program:

  1. Fill out the Dual Language Interest Form and submit it

  2. Attend Presentation on the program (info to follow after interest form is submitted)

  3. Fill out the Dual Language Consent Form and submit it

  4. Optional: Schedule a tour by contacting Christina Arambula at 262-233-6305

For more information about the Delavan-Darien Dual Language Program, please contact Irma Nixon, Dual Language Coordinator  at 262-2330-6549; inixon@ddschools.org