Course: TE121 Metals I TC

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Technology/Engineering

Type: Standard, Potential College Credit

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

Metals I is a semester course that is designed to give students experience in welding, machining, and metal fabrication. Each area will use a variety of projects to provide students with "hands on" experience. This introductory course can be offered as an Introduction to Welding transcripted credit opportunity through Gateway Technical College.


  • Learn proper safety practices by researching materials, observing demonstrations, going through machine safety check-offs, and completing an in-depth safety evaluation to determine their level of understanding and application.

  • Understand how to properly and accurately measure objects using a ruler, micrometer, calipers, and tape measures by completing a series of measurement labs and assignments

  • Comprehend the basic principles and techniques when using metalworking hand tools and power tools to work on individual/group projects assigned by the instructor.

  • Demonstrate safe shop practices by returning tools to their proper locations, checking tools for damage, cleaning workspaces, inspecting equipment, reporting to the instructor, avoiding horseplay, and communicating with other classmates and instructors with problems/concerns

  • Collaborate with others by working together as team to complete a group assignment/project involving welding, machining, reading blueprints, designing parts, repairing/fixing, and modifying/reinforcing.

  • Actively participate in class by asking questions, reading aloud, drawing sketches, giving presentations, discussing/debating, and working on assigned hands-on projects.

  • Comprehension of material identification and proper identification of metal working equipment and machines.

  • Create a positive classroom environment by respecting others’ personal space, respecting others’ personal property, respecting others’ opinions and by following the classroom safety guidelines

  • Evaluate and give personal feedback on one’s quality of work based on the desired outcomes of metalworking machine tools/equipment and welding by understanding the elements of design, researching, and attending classroom lectures and discussions.