TE104 Precision Measurement

Course: TE104 Precision Measurement

Grade:  11, 12

Subject Area: Mathematics/Elective

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

This Snap-On certification course provides students with a robust understanding of the fundamentals of precision measurement instruments (PMI). The PMI Certification course contains six modules in which students will be taught theory, usage, hands-on application, and at the end of each module will be given a industry recognized certification test. This course will be taught by a certified Snap-On Technology Education teacher and Mathematics teacher. Student should expect classroom lecture/training time as well as lab application time. The six modules include:

  • Tape and Rule Measurement

  • Slide Caliper Measurement

  • Gauge Measurement

  • Angle Measurement

  • Micrometer Measurement

  • Dial Gauge Measurement