Course: SS720 AP US History

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Social Studies

Type: Accelerated, Advanced Placement, Articulated Credits

Credits: 1

Course Information:

This is a year-long course that requires selection of both semesters: S1 and S2. College Advanced Program This course emphasizes analytical skills, critical thinking, reading, and writing when dealing with the factual knowledge necessary to critically analyze the issues within U.S. History. The A.P outline will be used as a guide for the course. Units include Colonial History, the Revolution and Early Republic, Nationalism and Sectionalism, Civil War and Reconstruction, Growth of Industrialization and Urbanization, World War I and America’s emergence as a world power, Depression and New Deal, World War II, Cold War America, and the Modern U.S. This course is designed to facilitate successful completion of the A.P.U.S. History exam in the spring for potential earning of college credit. Students signing up for an Advanced Placement course will be expected to take the AP Exam in May. Summer readings may be assigned.


  • Analyze historical facts and interpretations of historians

  • Develop critical analysis skills to clearly communicate ideas in written form

  • Compare and contrast political, geographic, economic, social, cultural, religious, and intellectual institutions, structures, and processes over time and between different groups within American society

  • Analyze the contributions and effects of past events to the contemporary world

  • Evaluate the diversity of the American populace and subsequent relationships among different groups based on race, class, ethnicity, and gender in American history

  • Identify and evaluate the diverse individual and collective art-based, popular culture expressions

  • Examine trends in trade, commerce, and technology over time

  • Evaluate the effects of capitalist development, labor unions, and consumerism on economic development

  • Examine how American identity is influenced by political, geographic, economic, cultural, and familial institutions

  • Compare and contrast American foreign policy over time

  • Assess the role of American military action from the pre-colonial period to our current time and its impact on foreign policy, politics, the economy, and society


Global Studies or AP Human Geography


If you take this course, you must also take SS720-S2 – AP US History S2

Notes: It is recommended that students receive a minimum of a C in Global Studies or AP Human Geography before taking AP US History