Course: MU790 AP Music Theory

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Music

Type: Accelerated, Advanced Placement, Articulated Credits

Credits: 1

Course Information:

This is a year-long course that requires selection of both semesters: S1 and S2. College Advanced Program The purpose of AP Music Theory is to give serious music students a sound foundation in music fundamentals. This course is intended for preparation for the Advanced Placement test in Music Theory. Students receive training in melodic and harmonic dictation, harmonization, basic piano skills, music history, and transposition. Students will experience working with midi-technology using computers. Students are encouraged to take the AP exam in May.


  • Arrange a melody for 3 and 4 voice chorus demonstrating command of the rules of voice leading

  • Analyze music for harmonic chord progression and form

  • Realize harmonic chord progression with proper voice leading

  • Compose music for a string quartet and for an ensemble of their choice -Identify aurally intervals, chord quality, and scales

  • Dictate simple melodies with four listening with 70%-100% accuracy

  • Know and apply music history as it pertains to the development and evolution of music theory


If you take this course, you must also take MU790-S2 – AP Music Theory S2