Course: MA200 Geometry

Grade: 9, 10, 11

Subject Area: Mathematics

Type: Standard

Credits: 1

Course Information:

The course reviews topics covered in Algebra 1 and focuses on more advanced topics of Algebra and Geometry. Topics covered include: conversion of rates, average using frequency tables, roots, exponents, inequalities, quadratics and polynomials, linear inequalities, advanced angle properties, geometry of composite figures, and right triangle trigonometry.

The course focuses on the 500 level problems and extends into the 600 level problems from the ACT College Readiness Standards. A scientific calculator is required for this course (we recommend the TI30XIIS or graphing calculator TI84).


  • Understand properties of parallel and perpendicular lines

  • Understand properties of segments and angles

  • Write and graph linear equations

  • Prove triangles congruent and similar using appropriate theorems

  • Understand properties of polygons

  • Use trigonometry and special right triangles to solve triangles

  • Understand vocabulary and equations of circles

  • Calculate area and perimeter of 2-D shapes and surface area and volume of 3-D shapes


MA110-S1 – Algebra S1 AND MA110-S2 – Algebra S2


MA107-S1 – Algebra 1B S1 AND MA107-S1 – Algebra 1B S2


If you take this course, you must also take MA200-S2 – Geometry S2