Grade: 12Subject Area:English, Special Education

Type:Special Education


Course Information:

This course focuses on assisting students to continue to expand the development of their reading and writing skills. Students on this course have the opportunity to read fiction and nonfiction selections while continuing to use the tools necessary to analyze and evaluate various literary genres.


  • Cite evidence to support analysis of a text, including inferences that can be drawn from the text

  • To evaluate multiple sources of information presented in different formats to address a question or solve a problem

  • To individually read and comprehend literary nonfiction written at the student’s Lexile level

  • Draw evidence from literary of informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research

  • Write arguments to support claims using text dependent evidence

  • Produce five paragraph essays containing a topic paragraph, conclusion paragraph, and three supporting paragraphs

  • Self-edit written work for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization errors

  • To continue to develop and utilize new vocabulary as a means of improving overall communication


LA085-S1 – English 11 S1 AND LA085-S2 – English 11 S2


If you take this course, you must also take LA087-S2 – English 12 S1