Course: BE631 - Personal Finance

Grade: 11, 12

Subject Area: Business

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

The course has five main themes: Planning Personal Finances, Banking and Credit, Investing Financial Resources, Protecting Your Finances, and Business Finance Basics. Students will create a personal budget and learn how to use it. Students will compare the advantages and disadvantages of renting vs. buying a house. Students will compare the advantages and disadvantages of leasing vs. buying an automobile. Students will learn about home, automobile, health, disability, and life insurance. Students will evaluate savings and investment options to meet short-and long-term goals. Students will analyze factors that affect the choice of credit, the cost of credit, and the legal aspects of using credit.


  • Manage money effectively by developing financial goals and budgets

  • Make responsible consumer decisions using available resources

  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of credit and debt management

  • Evaluate services provided by financial institutions and maintain related accounts

  • Recommend plans for future financial security by comparing long-term saving and investing options

  • Analyze and balance risk against benefits regarding the role of insurance in financial planning

  • Develop the skills needed to achieve the desired financial growth while analyzing the relationship between education, income, career, and desired lifestyle