Course: BE432 College Accounting TC

Grade: 11, 12

Subject Area: Business

Type: Standard, Potential College Credit

Credits: 1

Course Information:

Students first learn how businesses plan for and evaluate their operating, financing and investing decisions and study how accounting systems gather and provide data to internal and external decision makers. This year-long course will include all of the learning targets of a traditional college-level financial accounting course. Topics include an introduction to accounting, accounting information systems, time value of money, and accounting for merchandising firms, sales, and receivables, fixed assets, debt, and equity. Other topics include a statement of cash flows, financial ratios, cost-volume-profit analysis, and variance analysis.


  • Research events of unethical accountancy activities and possible consequences to individuals and the economy

  • Complete all steps of the accounting cycle

  • Perform accounting procedures using spreadsheet software

  • Analyze accounting concepts in inventory

  • Record depreciation of plant assets

  • Compute depletion and journal entry for depletion

  • Perform notes payable and notes receivable activities

  • Prepare payroll entries

  • Implement accounting for partnerships and for corporations

  • Analyze financial data


BE400-S1 – Accounting I S1 AND BE400-S2 – Accounting I S2


Per instructor approval


If you take this course, you must also take BE432-S2 – College Accounting TC S2

Notes: Students may receive transcripted credit for this course from Gateway Technical College.