Course: AR120 Art Foundations

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Art

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

This course is designed to give students a strong foundation in art media and techniques. Students will learn the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in higher level art courses in the high school art curriculum. Students will use a variety of media including pencil, acrylic paint, watercolor, plaster and clay throughout the semester. Students will focus on strengthening drawing skills, color theory, basic design, and sculptural techniques.



  • Understand and describe right brain vs. left brain philosophy

  • Identify and define basic drawing techniques; blind and modified contour, negative space, value drawing

  • Understand and define basic color theory vocabulary

  • Identify and define the 4 basic types of sculpture

  • Understand clay properties and limitations


  • Demonstrate proper use of contour line drawing and negative space as well as produce a major assignment in pencil demonstrating the ability to shade with a full range of values

  • Demonstrate and use proper mounting techniques for two-dimensional artwork

  • Demonstrate and apply proper color mixing techniques and solve color theory problems using acrylic paint

  • Create sculpture stylizing correct additive techniques

  • Use subtractive techniques to create a sculpture

  • Demonstrate understanding and knowledge of basic clay rules and techniques, including hand building, hollowing, and subtractive work.


  • Critically analyze and evaluate their own work in a written format