Course: AG511 Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject Area: Agri-Science

Type: Standard

Credits: 0.5

Course Information:

Explore the great outdoors! Students will study fish and wildlife management, hunting and fishing regulations and habitats of wild animals. National and state wildlife refugees as well as animal migratory habitats will be studied. Careers in the Department of Natural Resources will be discussed. Learn what it takes to get a job in the great outdoors!


  • Analyze environmental and natural resources industry careers and related employment opportunities

  • Identify the various programs of local, state, and federal conservation agencies

  • Define basic terminology related to natural resources and ecology

  • Describe common wildlife species

  • Identify the habitat requirements of wildlife

  • Describe the wildlife predator-prey relationship

  • Describe commons fish and aquatic species in a given area

  • Describe the impact of invasive species