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Thank You, Officer Hackett

For 26 years, Delavan Police Officer Allyn Hackett patrolled the streets of Delavan and Darien. But only in the last few years did he start patrolling the hallways of our community’s three elementary schools — Darien, Turtle Creek and Wileman.

He says his biggest mistake was waiting so long before coming into our schools and building better relationships with our youngest students and the staff.

“I waited until four years ago to come into a grade school, and that was down in Darien. I wish I would have done that 20 years ago. This is a great place. You guys are really lucky to be in a school system like this,” Hackett told a group of Turtle Creek first graders after he got done reading books about snowmen to them.

Despite his presence in schools lasting a short time, he made his presence known and became a well loved and familiar face on our school grounds. The entire Turtle Creek student body cheered for him as he left the building, and many students gave him cards, posters and hugs on his way out. The students and staff also gave him a round of “Hip, Hip, Hurrays!”

“I don’t know what to say guys, gals. Thank you very much. I’m going to miss all of you guys. I had a great time,” an emotional Hackett said after his hallway surprise.

Check out the video above and photo gallery below for more from this memorable day for one of our amazing school volunteers! #DDCometProud

Officer Allyn Hackett surrounded by students.

GALLERY: Officer Allyn Hackett had a memorable send-off before his retirement after 26 years on the force. The entire Turtle Creek student-body and staff cheered him on and gave him lots of cards, posters and hugs as he left his last day at work. His last official duty as an officer was reading books to first graders at the school! CLICK PIC FOR MORE IMAGES IN OUR GALLERY

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