– Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

We’re well aware of the “measurables” people sometimes use to judge or rate our school district — class sizes, student/teacher ratios, standardized test scores, graduation rates, and the many others. We agree that such statistics should be considered to a degree, but a deeper look at the Delavan-Darien School District is needed to see what we’re really all about.

Like Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers said in an interview after winning the Super Bowl, we believe that there are many more things that you can’t measure that give our students, teachers, staff and schools the most success. Take a look at what parents and staff members have to say about our district and the many “unmeasurable” things that make Delavan-Darien schools a great place to learn and grow…

“Delavan-Darien is not my home school district. I do open enrollment for my sons to attend Delavan-Darien schools. I do this because I think the education from the Delavan-Darien School District is excellent and wonderfully diverse.”

Callie DavisParent

“I am always amazed at the amount of educational tools that are in the classrooms, and the diversity. The school population is representative of the country we live in today. The schools have wonderful resources and the teachers have been amazing. Our girls are excelling with a public education. We’ve had nothing but good things to say about our daughters’ teachers. They care a lot about their education and the experiences they provide their students.”

Renee YarteyParent

“Good teachers and staff really take an interest in our children. Coming from a private school to the middle school, the teachers actually teach here, which is way cool for our daughter.”

Frank KropacekParent

“Our kids have had excellent teachers who care about them and their needs. While our children have only been at DDHS (K-8 at a parochial school), I have worked as a bus driver for all the schools for 25+ years and have seen that we have wonderful people working with our kids.”

Peggy NieuwenhuisParent

“The teachers care and do their best to help the students.”

Teresa WilliamsParent

“The teachers are highly qualified for the positions they hold. They are very compassionate about what they do. I feel they do their all for the students who really want to learn and for those who struggle. They encourage students to be their best.

Lisa HardwickParent

“I have spent 30 years of my career in this district as both a teacher and an administrator, serving at all three levels — elementary, middle and high school. My two sons completed the bulk of their primary education in this system, as well. In my roles as both an educator and a mother, this school district has provided many educational, creative and social opportunities for student success. Our students have experiences with cultures and diversity that significantly benefit them in real work and workplace situations. The staff assures that children believe in themselves and believe they can learn. We respect diversity and recognized that all students have strengths and areas in need of growth or support. We are much stronger as a team than any one of us is individually. I am proud to be a staff member in this district.”

Donna SorensenRetired Wileman Principal, Former Wisconsin Principal of the Year

“Teachers are very well organized and sincerely care about the well-being of every student and parents. Staff is wonderful and more than willing to make the (educational) process easy for the student and the parent.”

Shanna GerhardtParent

“Caring administrators seem to really make an impact on the students.”

Kimberly TurigliattoParent

“When I attended, I was always impressed that we were not racially biased. I had many cousins who went to bigger city schools and there were real divides between classes and races. I remember learning about the importance of acceptance and tolerance… I am impressed with the team work of the teachers that I see in my son’s school life.”

Wendy ZabelAlumna

“The best thing about our school district is the diversity. Children of varied backgrounds are able to interact and learn from one another. Our population resembles the real world. Also, our school district strives to be current with technology, standards, differentiation and other areas that affect education. Children are instructed by teachers that are prepared for changes and advancements in education.”

Michelle MintonReading Specialist

“I am very excited about the changes occurring at the high school. I think there are a lot of opportunities for challenging classes. I think we have very skilled and caring people in our administrative positions, as well as some great teachers. There is a strong push and commitment to improving things, and this benefits everyone. I think the high school has wonderful teachers, very challenging classes and teachers that really motivate and encourage.”

Sarah LogtermanParent

“I’ve been impressed every time I’ve attended a Parent Advisory Committee meeting. Administration and the staff are raising the bar at every turn. Schedules that eliminate down time, new courses, a positive environment, good communications and parent involvement are just a few areas where changes are making a huge difference in the learning environment.”

Kay BeersParent

The strongest part about the district is “the classroom. The teachers are very supportive of the students.”

Luz CraigParent

“The teachers, support staff and administrators are focused on doing the best they can to help students achieve. The staff works collaboratively to make sure the needs of each child are met. Not only do students receive a strong academic background, but they have the opportunity to participate in athletics, music, drama, clubs and more. The students are provided lots of opportunities to learn and grow.”

Kelly PickelDarien Elementary Principal

“I think we have many great and caring teachers. I like the diversity that we have. I would say that my children have done very well. We have wonderful teachers. Delavan-Darien Schools have often been bad-mouthed or run down by people who do not get involved or care to find out what our district is really about. We have more great teachers than we give them credit for.”

Lori HintzParent

“The Delavan-Darien School District believes in its students and is striving to make a difference in each students’ learning experience. The rich diversity of our district, both students and staff, make the district a great place to share, explore and learn from each other.”

Peggy FleckLibrary Media Coordinator

“We have really enjoyed our years in the district. We transferred from (a nearby school district) and we have seen vast differences. Delavan-Darien’s staff is more dedicated and friendly. We have seen less of the clicks and socioeconomic status (separations), which has been refreshing. The activities offered are various for all ages.”

Adam and Wendi HembrookParents

“I love the district and I feel comfortable knowing my kids are getting a good education. The district offers many activities to keep children busy, which is essential.”

Heather JedlickaParent and Classroom Aide

“It’s a great school district with great teachers and staff. I have the pleasure of saying I love every teacher my daughters have had so far. We moved here from Chicago two years ago and the girls showed major academic improvement when they started here. I attribute that to the teachers and the principals.”

Mayra JassoParent and Office Aide

“This district is on a mission to become one of the best districts in the state in the 21st century. The district is student-centered, and focuses on the students’ individual strengths. It affords students the opportunity to hone their strengths in academic, athletic and cultural activities that might not be accessible in less culturally diverse communities.”

Kim KirkReading Specialist

“I was a substitute teacher in many districts of various sizes for five years before coming here. This is one of the best school districts I have ever been in when it comes to working together for the future of our children. That is why I open enrolled my kids here from Janesville.”

Steve FoutsMiddle School Teacher

“Delavan-Darien High School has very thoughtful and caring teachers. They go above and beyond their teaching contract to ensure that all students understand what is being taught.”

Carol HansenParent

“It’s a great school district that is focused on learning and the best interests of the students. The schools themselves are clean and well maintained. It’s a wonderful district with many opportunities for learning and advancement.”

Michelle WelchParent

“I open enrolled my daughter to the Delavan-Darien School District because I was very impressed with the reading curriculum, and I want my daughter to be in a district with diverse cultures. I know first-hand that the teachers are committed to the students and learning. They take every opportunity to learn new ways to make sure every student is successful.”

Barbara NavaParent and Teacher

“A school is only as good as the people in it, and the best things about DDHS are the students and staff. DDHS has many strengths — our diversity, committed staff and our exceptional students — that make our school a wonderful place to learn and grow. Students feel they have many options here, and there are many different learning opportunities and ways to be involved. Parents are excited about the positive growth that DDHS continues to show.”

Carri BrandtDDHS Special Education Teacher

“The people here are passionate about their jobs, and they do them well. The staff is tremendous, and the kids are as well.”

Bob BeightonDDHS English Teacher

“I love teaching in a district with students and families from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. It makes my teaching more challenging and more fun. I learn from my students every day. Also, there are a lot of curricular and extracurricular programs in our schools. Our students can make discoveries and study the things that interest them.”

Jennifer BayerlStrings Director

“The diversity in our schools helps educate students and staff about life and tolerance. Our diverse community allows for students to learn more about different cultures. Our staff is comfortable teaching every student and that respect is taught and expected in all classes.”

Laura PradoBilingual Teacher

“Our world is a changing and diverse place. Sheltering children from that diversity does not prepare them for the kind of world they will live in. Delavan-Darien schools prepare students for the diversity they will encounter in their lives and helps them become tolerant and empathetic people who can interact with others from all walks of life.”

Tina PaschkeReading Specialist

“The best thing about our district is the students. For a small school, we have huge talents, from academics to athletics. Also, the diversity in our schools is reflective of the real world. Students have opportunities to meet and make friends with people of different backgrounds.”

Kelly DennisDDHS English Teacher