Lisa McKay, social worker at the Delavan-Darien High School, presented information about the Comet Care Center and the impact that poverty has in our schools to the Delavan Service League.  The Delavan Service League heard about the district’s Comet Care Center in the newspaper after the Basketball donation drive. The Delavan Service League donated items and a cash gift to the Comet Care Center.  After hearing about the needs of our students, two members gave private donations to the Comet Care Center as well!


The Delavan Darien School District has been making efforts to reach out to the community.  In an effort to support community partnerships, the Delavan Darien School District established a Community Coalition group in 2008.  This group meets once a month and addresses issues in the community.  Items that have been addressed in the past included literacy instruction, drugs and alcohol and the development of the Boys and Girls Club to help reduce gang activity in the community.  Our recent efforts have focused on poverty, trauma informed practices and drug and alcohol use in the community. After hearing about this group, the Delavan Service League would like to have a liaison attend the Community Coalition, as they are interested in volunteering to support our students and families. They would also like share about the services and supports they offer the community.


By staff and community working together, we can continue to meet the needs of our families and continue to make great academic and social emotional gains for our students.

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