The Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network hosted a Leadership Conference at UW-Whitewater, Wednesday, October 11. Each school within the network was able to select four students to bring to the conference.

IMAGE: Dion Soto, Juan Carbajal, Perla Ruiz Gallegos, Lizbeth Escobar and School Counselor Amy Sylvester-Knudtson at the School Leadership Conference.The four seventh graders from Phoenix Middle School who attended were: Dion Soto, Juan Carbajal, Perla Ruiz Gallegos and Lizbeth Escobar. They attended with school counselor Amy Sylvester-Knudtson.


Students spent the day learning from Ardan James, who is a professional school assembly performer. James used magic, illusions, ventriloquism, and audience participation to convey important messages related to leadership and middle school conflicts.

The students then spent time team-building and working on their communication in small groups with the many other students from different districts that attended. Students were blindfolded, stuck in “human knots,” and learning how to communicate purposefully!

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