IMAGE: Phoenix Career FairPhoenix Middle School is hosting a Career Expo Fair for the Phoenix Middle School students (6th-8th Grade) from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 14.  Volunteer guests are needed at the Career Expo Fair and will provide expertise to help middle school students have a better understanding of their career goals and pathways.

Phoenix Career Fair Photo Gallery


Each presenter is asked to provide a display of their college/university/training, career, business, or organization.  If possible, please bring pamphlets and prizes to present to the students.

Presenters will discuss their  background, experience, education, and personal goals.  They may also include the importance of human relations skills, various types of communication, and the importance of choosing a career pathway while in school.

Each student will be asked to meet 2-3 different career professionals that align with their interests.  The Career Expo Fair is focused on having our students learn more about available careers through hands-on and interactive activities (if possible).

Students will be studying various careers and the aspects of them in the week leading up to the Career Expo Fair. Students will have an interview worksheet to complete as they navigate through the fair, which will be used for follow-up discussions with teachers about what they’ve learned, and what they might want to pursue as they get older.

For questions, contact:

Steve Gross

School Counselor


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