Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Today is an A Day

Today’s Lunch Menu
Pepperoni Pizza, Hamburger, Stuffed Shells, Mixed Greens, Broccoli, Green Beans, Mandarin Oranges, Fruit and Milk

Upcoming Breakfast Menu
4/27 Pancake Wrap, Assorted Juice, Assorted Fresh Fruit and Milk

Happy Birthday to:
Faith Allen

After School Activities
No events today.

Upcoming Events
4/28/2017: April Activity Night 6-8 pm

Snack Shack
The Snack Shack is open after school today .. Wednesday, April 26th!!

Muddy Maniacs Mud Run
Muddy Maniacs Adventure Mud Run – Saturday, June 24 for more information stop by the front office.

NJHS Meeting
Current NJHS members will be meeting on Thursday, April 27, during 1st period in Room 186 (Mrs. Beilman’s room).

Dress Code Reminder
With warmer weather coming and the end of the school year quickly approaching, we would like to remind you of our school wide dress code policy. School dress guidelines are in place in order to ensure Phoenix is a comfortable, respectable place to learn and work. The following are the guidelines that staff members at Phoenix school follow when enforcing the school dress code; Shorts and skirts should come to the student’s fingertips or lower when their arms are down to their side. Students cannot wear spaghetti-strap or thin strapped tank tops, halter tops, one shoulder tops, or tube tops. Shirts should not be cut below the armpit in the front, side, or back. All tank tops must have straps that are at least two fingers wide. Shirts must cover the student’s midriff and not show any part of their stomach. Clothing that contains inappropriate or offensive language or pictures including drug and/or alcohol references and weapons will not be allowed. Anything that can be considered distracting to learning including gang-related colors, bandanas, loud or distracting clothing will not be allowed. School administration will have the final say in this matter.

Office Lost & Found
If you have lost any small items like: headphones, jewelry, wireless mouse, headbands, glasses, hall passes, planners or money, stop by the office! We just might have it!

Student Drop off/Pick Up
Students are to be dropped off in the back of the building every morning. If you are dropped off in the front of school you are to walk around and enter through the back playground doors. Students may enter through the front doors after 7:30 am. Thank you.

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