Monday, April 23, 2018
Today is a B day

Today’s Lunch Menu
Meatloaf, Grilled Chicken, Burrito, Salad Bar, Mashed Potatoes, California Veggies, Dinner Rolls, Pineapple Chunks, Fruit and Milk

Upcoming Breakfast Menu
April 24th : Cheese Omelet, Toast, Choice of Juice, Fruit and Milk

Happy Birthday to:
Alondra Hernandez
Luis Angel Valadez

After School Activities
Track Meet: Phoenix Middle School AT Lake Geneva Middle School 3:45 PM

Upcoming Events
April 27: Lifetouch Spring Picture Day
April 27: April Activity Night
May 4: International Night 2018 @ DDHS 6-8 PM

NJHS Meeting
There will be a meeting during HOMEROOM on Monday, April 30th in room 174 (Mrs. Caucutt’s Classroom) to prepare for the Induction Ceremony on Friday, May 18th. Please be in attendance for this important meeting. If you cannot attend this meeting, please contact Mrs. Sperle or Mrs. Caucutt. Thank you!

IMPORTANT: Past Due Fees & Fines
The end of the year field trips are coming soon! In order to be a part of this fun and exciting field trip, ALL fees and fines must be paid in full. If you owe any school fees, you would have received a statement with your child’s report card. If you can not find this paper, or you are not sure how much you owe, please either check your Infinite Campus Parent Portal or contact the Phoenix Middle School office. If you owe a larger amount, we can set up a payment plan for you. Please contact the Phoenix Middle School office for more information.

Hat/Hoodie Rules
The information below is in the Student Handbook. Please take note that our Board has approved this, therefore we need to enforce it. Hats & hoods are to be removed upon entering the building. Please put your hats into your lockers and do not keep them on you throughout the day. The student handbook explicitly states that hats should be stored in the locker during school hours. If you are caught wearing a hat or hoodie in the building, it may be confiscated by teachers and administration and will be turned over to either you or a parent.

Many students ask why they are not allowed to wear hats or hoodies, and it simply comes down to 1. Safety 2. Gangs & 3. Respect. We have many cameras in the building and it is imperative that we see people’s faces should anything occur. Additionally, certain gangs wear hats in a variety of manners. The School Board has stated that we are to have no tolerance of this behavior. Finally, it is disrespectful in most circumstances for hats or hoodies to be worn indoors. There is plenty of information on the web pertaining to etiquette of wearing hats or hoodies indoors. Simply put, hats and hoods will not be permitted to be worn in the building. “Keep electronic devices off and out-of-sight (including MP3 players, cell phones, wires and earbuds.) *Remove hats and hoods upon entering the building *Store hats and coats in the locker during school hours “Be on time

Consequences for Wearing a Hat or Hoodie
When a student is caught wearing a hoodie or hat in school, the item is confiscated and turned into the office for safe-keeping. The consequences are as follows:
1st Offence: Student may pick it up at the end of the day.
2nd Offence: Parent must pick up the item in the office.
3rd & Subsequent Offences: Parent pick-up and student will receive an In-School Suspension.

Breakfast Reminder
Breakfast reminder to all students that any unwrapped food products (ex. toast, waffles, etc) and juice containers are not permitted to leave the cafeteria after breakfast is over!

Cell Phone Usage
Cell phones CAN NOT be used during your lunch time and/or during your recess time. Cell phones should be out of sight from 7:20 am until 2:46 pm and earbuds/headphones need to be removed upon building entry. If you need to contact your parent, please use the student phone in the front office. Please ask your teacher and get a pass before coming down to the office to use the phone!

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