Thursday, October 18, 2018
Today is a B day

Today’s Lunch Menu
Sloppy Joes, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Cheese, California Veggies, Baby Carrots, Mandarin Oranges, Assorted Fresh Fruit and Milk

Upcoming Breakfast Menu
October 19th: Pancake Wrap, Assorted Juice, Choice of Fruit

Happy Birthday to:
No birthdays today.

After School Activities
Parent/Teacher Conferences: 4-8 PM

Upcoming Events
October 18th: Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-8 PM
October 19th: Boy’s Basketball Season Begins

Parent/Teacher Conferences are TONIGHT!
Please come to school anytime between 4 & 8 PM to discuss your child’s progress with his/her teachers. 5th Grade teachers will be in the Library. 6th & 7th grade teachers will be in the gym and 8th grade teachers and Allied Arts teachers will be in the Cafeteria.

Musical Auditions
Congratulations to the students who tried out for the musical this week. There are a few auditions times available for next week Monday and Tuesday. Remember to sign up and bring in permission slips.

NJHS Meeting
NJHS Members: There will be a meeting on Monday, October 22 in the morning at 7:30 am in room 180.

Cool Weather Clothing
As the weather continues to cool down, be sure to bring your jacket, hat, gloves and anything else you may need with you to your lunch period. When lunch is done, you are NOT allowed to go back to your lockers to get clothing items for outside. Bring those items to the lunchroom when lunch begins.

Delavan Darien Youth Basketball
Delavan Darien Youth Basketball is starting their season! There are girl’s and boy’s basketball teams. Age Divisions: 4th, 5th,6th, 7th & 8th Grade. Register today online by visiting

Art Club
Art Club Applications are now available. If you are interested in joining Art Club, please pick one up from the Art Room window, complete, and return it to the folder by Oct. 19th.

Tardy Consequences
Students, please review the tardy policy. There was a mistake in the previous information. On the 8th Tardy, you are required to serve In School Suspension.

1st Tardy: Nothing
2nd Tardy: Email from Mrs. Zahn to the student
3rd Tardy: 30 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
4th Tardy: 30 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
5th Tardy: 45 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
6th Tardy: 45 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
7th Tardy: 90 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
8th Tardy: In School Suspension
9th Tardy: Citation (Ticket) from the Police Department

Box Top Homeroom Challenge!
The challenge begins NOW!! Collect as many BOX TOPS as you can to win the challenge! WINNERS will receive a treat. DEADLINE for collection is Monday Oct. 22, 2018 BRING YOUR BOX TOPS TO YOUR HOMEROOM I will post weekly who is in the lead! Check the office window!!

Cell Phone & Earbud Rules
Cell phones CAN NOT be used during your lunch time and/or during your recess time. Cell phones should be out of sight from 7:20 AM to 2:46 PM and earbuds/headphones need to be removed upon building entry. If you need to contact your parent during the school day, you can use the student phone in the front office. Please ask your teacher before coming down to the office and be sure to get a pass from your teacher.

Aram Public Library
There are many family activities at the Aram Public Library! Please click HERE for a list of what is going on at the library in November!

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