January 8, 2019
Today is an A day

Today’s Lunch Menu
Cheese Quesadilla, PBJ & String Cheese, Corndog, Corn, Refried Beans, Pears, Assorted Fruit & Milk

Upcoming Breakfast Menu
1/9 – Waffles, Assorted Juice, Choice of Fruit

Happy Birthday to:
Clover Tatosian
Kylene Yartey
Mia Rojas
Cayden Norris

After School Activities
No events today.

Upcoming Events
January 17: Winter Concert – Band, Choir & Orchestra 5:30, 6:45 & 8:00 PM
January 18: 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Activity Night 6-8 PM
January 21: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice
January 25: Phoenix Musical Performance – Alladin Jr.: 7:00 PM
January 26: Phoenix Musical Performance – Alladin Jr.: 2:00 PM
February 4: 7th & 8th Grade Girl’s Basketball Season Begins

The Phoenix Rising Newspaper Club will meet at 2:55 p.m. TUESDAY, Jan. 8, in the Phoenix library. It will be done by 3:40 p.m., so please arrange to have a ride home. Please note the day change.
The deadline for articles for the next edition was Jan. 4. Please get them emailed to Mr. Aiello immediately.
All Phoenix students are invited to attend and get more information and/or sign up for the club. If someone is interested, but cannot make the meeting(s), contact Mr. Thom Aiello, the advisor, at thomaiello@gmail.com.
There is already a short list of story ideas, but we really would like your ideas as well!
Email Mr. Aiello if you have any questions in advance, and to confirm if you will be able to attend or not.

If you are interested in going to the Comet Cheer Camp, please stop by the office for more information. The camp will be held on Thursdays in January and will perform on February 1st. More information is also available at www.delavanparkrec.com

Snow Rules/Expectations:
At PX we do not permit throwing of snow and snowball fights are prohibited. This applies before, after school and during recess. Supervisors are asked to inform students about these rules.
Snow is one of the true joys about WI winter. During lunch we do permit students to play in the snow, as long as they are not throwing it. However, they are to brush off any snow prior to re-entry. If they get wet due to playing in the snow, we do not call home. If they wish to stay dry they are to remain on the black top.
We do stay outside before school and at lunch recess as long as the “feel like” temperature is at zero or above with the wind chill. If it is too icy outside or below zero we will follow rain day protocols.

Tardy Consequences
Students, please review the tardy policy. There was a mistake in the previous information. On the 8th Tardy, you are required to serve In School Suspension.

1st Tardy: Nothing
2nd Tardy: Email from Mrs. Zahn to the student
3rd Tardy: 30 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
4th Tardy: 30 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
5th Tardy: 45 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
6th Tardy: 45 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
7th Tardy: 90 Minute Detention AFTER SCHOOL
8th Tardy: In School Suspension
9th Tardy: Citation (Ticket) from the Police Department

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