Teen Safe Driving Class - Car KeysDelavan-Darien High School is a host site of a special class for parents of teens who are just learning to drive, or who have their learner’s permit.

The free class is titled “Enhancing Education of Parents to Keep Teens Safe on the Road,” and it is being presented by Aurora Lakeland Medical Center Injury Prevention Coordinator Saskia Lodder, RN BSN SANE-A SANE-P.


Aurora Lakeland Medical Center is sponsoring the program in conjunction with the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Crossroads Program, the Walworth County Adolescent Transportation Injury Prevention Committee and the Delavan-Darien High School ‘Operation Click’ Teen Driving Program.

Enhancing Education of Parents to Keep Teens Safe on the Road is science-based, and rooted in best practices in behavioral science, statistical research and educational intervention outreach.

This ‘Injury Prevention’ course is designed to educate parents about helping their teenage drivers gain experience in driving to decrease unwanted driving outcomes and increase teen driver and passenger safety. Research proves teens with involved parents are half as likely to be in a crash as teens with uninvolved parents.

Teen drivers — ages 16 to 19 — are involved in fatal car crashes at four-times the rate of adult drivers, ages 25 to 69. Over 5,000 teens die each year with a teen driver behind the wheel, and many others suffer serious injuries that require medical care and lost school and work days. These crashes are caused by multiple factors and require comprehensive solutions. Parent training is one way to help reduce roadway injuries and deaths among teen drivers.

For more information, download the event flyers:


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