School Nutrition Program

What is INCLUDED and REQUIRED in a meal?


A school meal includes an entrée, milk, and fruit or juice.

Food Court – Lunch

A school meal includes entrée choice of one of the following:

• Lunch menu entrée
• Hot sandwiches (two sandwiches will be offered)
• Vegetarian Entrée
• Chef Salad (Bigger, Better Salad Bar)

plus one each of the following items; fruit, vegetable, salad, soup, dessert, and milk


School meals costs are subsided by the government so we can offer them to students at a lower price. If the student does not take a full meal, they will be encouraged to take additional items to complete the meal. It is required to take a fruit or vegetable in order to get a reimbursable meal.

Meal Components

• Breakfast Components are:

protein (entrée), fruit, bread source, and milk. A meal must contain at least 3 components of the student’s choosing.

• Lunch Components are:

protein (entrée), vegetable, fruit, bread source, and milk. A meal must contain at least 3 components of the student’s choosing.

Student Meal Accounts

MySchoolBucks is an automated debit account system used for cafeteria sales. Each student has a specific ID number that is used to account for his or her breakfast and lunch activity. Although students may pay cash on a daily basis, the system works best when school meal prepayments are made to cover the cost of future school meals. Prepayments may be made using the current envelope system at the main office, online at, or as a last resort – in line during serving times. All cash received in Food Court serving lines will be put on the student’s account. Change will not be given.

Given the volume of activity, we ask that students swipe their student ID cards to use prepaid accounts during serving times. Students will be asked to leave behind any items they are not able to purchase using their account or cash, so please be aware of your account balance. Doing so will reduce the amount of time students spend waiting in line to check out.

Since we do not want students going through the day without eating, bread and peanut butter are available at no charge to help them get through the day. This is not intended to replace a school lunch but to support students that are not able to use their account or pay cash to meet their hunger needs. Students are always welcome to bring their own lunch to school.

The Delavan-Darien School District has a policy for children unable to pay the full price of meals served under the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. Applications for free and reduced meals are accepted throughout the school year. If a household member becomes unemployed or if the household size changes you may wish to (re)apply. Applications are available in school buildings or by contacting Kathy Adams 728-2642 ext 4805.

Students participating in the National School Breakfast or Lunch program are entitled to one meal at the free or reduced price. If an additional meal or extra portions are desired, the student must pay the cost of the items as described above.


A variety of beverages and snack items are available in vending machines for cash sales.

Contacts and Information

Please contact Kathy Adams at (262) 233-6764 for more information.

Stephan Hudy, Child Nutrition Director (262) 233-6652 or
Visit: for menus and links to (to monitor account balance)