Kudos to our 2017 Badger State Reps

Badger State Reps

In perhaps the most-watched and media-covered political time in the country’s history, 11 Delavan-Darien High School students represented DDHS at Badger State in the summer of 2017.

Representing DDHS at Badger Girls State at UW-Oshkosh in June were:

  • Erin Sorg
  • Madeleine Freitag
  • Payton Zacharias

Representing DDHS at Badger Boys State at Ripon College in June were:

  • Seth Grabow
  • Ryan Severson
  • Andrew Logterman
  • Richard Karbash
  • Thomas Karbash
  • Zachary Weerts
  • Mitchell Lewis
  • Noah Grams

Badger State is a political simulation meant to teach student attendees (who are between their junior and senior years of high school) about government and citizenship.

They are experiences like no other. The programs may be quickly described as programs that teach the workings of government “by doing,” but they is much more than that. Badger State is a week-long journey through many things that make us who we are: leaders, friends, students, athletes and most of all citizens of our respective cities, towns, and our state. Some people who have participated in the programs have described them as “the most challenging, rewarding, and fun experiences of my life.”