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Each year the Wisconsin School Psychology Association acknowledges one school psychologist in the state of Wisconsin for the School Psychologist of the Year award. This year, our very own Jeanne Engerson is the recipient of the award. Way to go Jeanne!

Jeanne first entered the Delavan Darien school district September 2008 as a practicum student. Her skills were quickly recognized and she was hired part time while she was still completing the internship. She then joined our district full time for the 2009-2010 school year.

Jeanne Engerson is nothing if not dynamic, student centered and an advocate for children.
Jeanne wears many hats as a school psychologist at Phoenix middle school. She developed a homeroom program for the entire school that included the adoption of a Second Step social emotional learning curriculum. Jeanne helps staff use data to both identify and track the supports provided for our most behaviorally and academically challenged students. Jeanne keeps meticulous records of the supports and their success. The work she is doing is having an impact on our student achievement as Phoenix’s academic growth is among the best in the state.

Beyond having overwhelming trust among staff, Jeanne is sought after and highly trusted by students. Students truly love Ms. Engerson.When they are in crisis, they know her door is open for them. As a child advocate, I have seen Jeanne support children at school, in their homes and even in court when warranted. When a student would not, could not come to school due to mental crisis, it was Jeanne who went day after day to the home, slowly winning over both the mother and the student. Then, having the student in just her office, and slowly getting the student to return to classes .

As a stellar school psychologist, Jeanne serves a a mentor to others entering the field and regularly takes on interns, offering them an opportunity to learn from a true expert. Jeanne also serves as a liaison with an outside therapy group that works with our students on site.

Jeanne is exceptional in all that she does. This article highlights only a few reasons why Jeanne Engerson received the Wisconsin School Psychologist of the year award. In today’s school setting, we need boots on the ground employees who are committed to make a difference. We need people who believe in children before children believe in themselves. We need employees committed to continuous improvement and we need school psychologists who are current in the field. Jeanne has all of these skills and more. We are very proud to have her as part of our district. Congratulations Jeanne!

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