Welcome to Phoenix Middle School, new students!

Nearly 30 new students at Phoenix Middle School were treated to breakfast by the school counseling staff and the student Peer Helpers Group.

Phoenix counselor Steve Gross said he saw the breakfast opportunity to be a bridge for new students to meet new faces and find peer resources they can go to for help, guidance and friendship.

The breakfast event, featuring make-your-own waffles and ice-breaker activities, was a way to help build a community at Phoenix where all students are welcome and wanting to be a part of the positive school atmosphere. And, it let new students know they belong here at Phoenix Middle School.

The effects were immediate, Gross said, with new students and peer helpers already engaging with one another and with new friends and school mates they might not regularly talk to during the school day.

“A lot of the student we’ve talked to afterward thanked us for the opportunity,” Gross said. “It helps them to just know there are people they can go and talk to when they need to. And they said it gave them a moment where they felt special in our school.”

This has been another positive Inside Look at our Delavan-Darien Schools.

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